Video: ‘A Most Undesirable Woman’

On 6 May 2021, I presented a talk about the criminalisation of poverty to an audience of sixty-two people via Zoom for the Genealogical Society of Victoria. The video of the talk is now available. In this talk, I speak about my great-great grandmother, Margaret O’Connor, and her younger sister, Annie O’Connor. The two womenContinue reading “Video: ‘A Most Undesirable Woman’”

The Origins of Mother’s Day in Australia

Silverwater Correctional Complex is a sprawling structure on Wangal lands by the Parramatta River in Newington, 16km west of Sydney’s CBD. In this place, Australia first commemorated Mother’s Day. What has a prison got to do with Mother’s Day?  Silverwater Prison now occupies the former Newington State Hospital and Asylum site. In the early 1920s,Continue reading “The Origins of Mother’s Day in Australia”